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Passionate by nature, he has been traveling around the world for years, leaving himself fascinated by the most diverse cultures and environments (often also uncomfortable) that allow him to freeze in his images moments of real life, distant realities, desolate landscapes and non-places which tell stories.

He is a fashion, architecture, visual arts and film’s lover.

Through his photography he commu...

(Turin 1985) has completed his artistic formation at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti. Since 2008 participates to some national and international sculpture symposiums, winning awards and competitions and realizing monuments. In 2012 he opened his laboratory, where from marble, material and matrix of his sculptures, brings out everyday objects in a search for perfection formal and conceptual elaboration.
The wis...

Born in Milan in 1958, he studied Visual design IED Milano. From 1982 to now he deals with advertising. He worked as an art director and creative director for numerous advertising agencies in Milan.
Currently working as freelance in communication and photography.

Born in Germany, Schattner matured artistically in Paris and London, and he has always been in love with Italy, where he currently lives and works. He was introduced to the world of photography as a very young man, when he became an assistant to internationally renowned auteurs, and went on to take his first totally independent steps in the fashion sector. His first important commissions included work for the Italian mag...

Photographer and artist. He graduated in law with a thesis on the Tabula Picta, a link between Roman law, photography and copyright. His personal projects lay eyes on the shape. The fastest and most effective way to convey the idea of solitude. At times manifest. Very often latent. Sharpened.
Angular. Pungent.Small gash in the world of having to be, rather than being.
The works are produce in his studio, transforme...